Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Children are Particularly Susceptible to the Harm of Wi-Fi

International Experts spoke at the Canadian Parliament Standing Committee on Health Hearings into Microwave Exposure Levels in April 29, 2010.   
Swedish scientist stated that Health Canada's "safety code is completely out of date and obsolete". 

BBC Documentary on Wi-Fi Radiation
Video 1
-Dr. Michael Repacholi who established the radio frequency exposure standards for World Health Organization worked for the Telecom industry before and after WHO.
-Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the Health Protection Agency  (Former Chief Scientific Advisor to Margaret Thatcher) called for review on the safety of Wi-Fi before it gets rolled out in schools in the UK.

Video 2

-Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, Scientist for Public Health Department of  Salzburg, Austria - who led the country's ban of Wi-Fi in schools - and Professor Olle Johansson of  Nobel Prize-winning Karolinska Institute in Sweden explained that the biological effects of Wi-Fi include DNA break, DNA damage, chromosome damage, impact on concentration capacity, decrease in short-term memory, increase in cancers, and "yet we don't feel it. We don't get a warning signal."
Dr. Ian Gibson, Biologist and cancer specialist for 40 years, UK, "there's enough (evidence) now to be worried about".

Video 3
Wi-Fi in the classroom shown to emit three times as much electromagnetic fields as a cell phone mast 100 meters outside the school.

How various electromagnetic devices are harmful to our health. 

Schools in BC raising awareness on the danger of Wi-Fi: 

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Wi-Fi Damages Sperms:  
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Many European Countries have adopted the recommendations by these scientists.

Former UK military scientist Barrie Trower (physicist who specialized in microwave) called for removal of Wi-Fi after realizing that microwave - which used to be used as invisible weapon against opposing nations, is now broadcast at children in schools:

BC's Thermo-imaging expert explaining why Wi-Fi must be removed from school:

Toronto's enforcement of their lower radio frequency exposure limit since 1999. It is 100 times lower than Canada's national standard!