Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to reduce Wi-Fi (Microwave) Radiation on our Children

While we continue to demand our Canadian Government to lower the Electromagnetic Fields exposure limit in our country, it is impossible to avoid ALL exposure. The malls, e.g. are filled with multiple overlapping Wi-Fi coverage from 6-12 networks at any given time. 

However, we can reduce the radiation exposure and risk to our children by 70-80% IF:
1) We turn off Wi-Fi and go back to hardwired network in school,
2) Parents reduce Wi-Fi  exposure by either hardwiring computer connection
at home (just buy a cable!), or by turning Wi-Fi off when it’s not used, especially overnight. 

Remember: Every Wi-Fi transmitter, if left on, continues to pulse 2.4 billion cycles of microwave frequency per second into its surroundings. This frequency goes through walls and humans bodies.

For other precautions, visit:
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