Sunday, March 10, 2013

iPad WiFi Radiation Captured on Videos

This Video: Measuring the pulsed microwave radiation from an iPad with an Acoustimeter. The rapid and continuous pulsing is the beacon signals emitted by the router (similar to celltower beacon signals). The irregular spikes are emitted by the iPad.  

 iPad WiFi Radiation with Wireless Router On

Cellular Noise and Stress

WiFi radiation eads to inattention, impaired memory, insomnia or other more severe adverse effects to the brain and the body. These two videos show the level of "cellular noise" created by wireless equipment. Humans are electromagnetic beings, that's why doctors are able to use EEG to measure brain waves and EKG for the heart. The natural frequency of the human body is about 7.83 Hz. Wirelessly plugging our bodies to WiFi frequencies of 2,400,000,000 and 5,000,000,000 Hz, 24/7, is unnatural and invasive.


Swisscom, Switzerland's largest telecom and IT services provider, recognized the genotoxic effects of WiFi routers. In 2003 they attempted to 43duce this danger through an automatically-deactivated router design. Unfortunately, orth American manufacturers have not adopted this patent, but continue to produce WiFi routers which bombard humans and all living beings with microwave beacon signals, 24/7. Swisscom's explanation on the genotoxicity of WiFi can be found here:

The maximum measuring threshold of the Acoustimeter is 6.0 V/m and the radiation from the iPad exceeded this level often while actively on WiFi. We measured a WiFi-iPad and found that its signals peak every few seconds at levels that are several times HIGHER than an iPhone on talking transmission. See:

Here are some exposure limits in other countries which correspond to the levels indicated on the Acoustimter.
6 V/m - Russia, China, Italy, Paris, Poland, Hungary, Bulgari
4 V/m - Switzerland (hospitals & schools)
3 V/m - Belgium, Ukraine, Luxembourg
1.9 V/m - Vienna
0.6V/m - Italy base station, Lichtenstien
0.02 V/m - Salzberg, Austria
0.0006 V/m - Biological Effects: Changes in genes, problems with chromatin condensation (DNA) - Belyaev, 1997

0.00003 V/ Cosmic Background

60 V/m - USA and Canada. Criticized by many independent (non-industry-affiliated scientists) as an outdated and obsolete exposure standard.

Radiation of iPad with WiFi ON but no Internet Connection


This Video: Measuring the pulsed microwave radiation from an iPad with an Acoustimeter. The WiFi function of the iPad is turned on, but the iPad is not used for internet browsing. Many people use the iPad for apps that don't require internet access but leave the WiFi function on, thus unknowingly blasting microwave frequencies at themsevles. Such radiation level exceeds the maximum of the Acoustimeter every few seconds. When measured with another RF meter, it was shown to be several times HIGHER than an iPhone's radiation during talking transmission. We have also measured the magnetic fields at the back of the iPad and found that it was high at 15-20 mG compared to the safe level of 3 mG. 

Please see the other videos of measurements here:

Our Advice on iPad Use

Children should only have access to an iPad under the following conditions:

- Airplane Mode turned ON
- WiFi turned OFF
- iPad placed on the table and not held in the hands or rest on the lap
- Apps download should be done via wired connection