Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World Health Organization labels wireless: “Possible Carcinogen”

Prime Minister of Canada urged to protect Canadians

Starting yesterday, microwave radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, W-Fi, smart meters and other wireless consumer devices and infrastructure is officially labeled by the World Health Organization to be a Possible Carcinogen, in the same category as Lead and DDT.

The Wireless Radiation Safety Council calls on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to exercise the strength of his new majority government and act swiftly to protect Canada’s children, as is happening elsewhere in accordance with the May 27, 2011 resolution of the Council of Europe. Further, we urge the Prime Minister to quickly call a meeting with all provincial Premiers and Territorial Leaders to develop a framework to safeguard the health of Canadians under provincial jurisdictions of public health, labour, and education.

In light of the reclassification of emissions from wireless devices as possible carcinogens, the Prime Minister must now require Health Canada and Industry Canada to review existing standards for cell phones and all wireless consumer devices, especially those exposing pregnant women, children and youth. These include: wireless toys; baby monitors; as well as Wi-Fi and other sources in schools, daycares, and all locations where pregnant women, children and youth are exposed, including colleges and universities. We also call on the Prime Minister to urgently adopt widespread and ongoing awareness campaigns for family doctors, parents, employers and all Canadians.

The Wireless Radiation Safety Council represents more than two-dozen local and provincial organizations across Canada, lobbying for change in national wireless radiation safety standards.

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