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Wi-Fi Safety Information:
Parents to Parents - Your Right to Know

Parents to Parents - Your Right to Know: Wi-Fi Safety Information 

by Kamloops Concerned Parents Committee:

Health Canada says exposure to Wi-Fi is safe, yet some students in schools with Wi-Fi are complaining of ill health that includes headaches, dizziness, nausea, weakness, anxiety, heart palpitations, memory loss and attention deficit, and auditory and visual distortions. These are all early symptoms of microwave sickness.

To begin with, it must be explained how Health Canada has determined that being exposed to microwave radiation for 1200 hours per year is ‘safe.’ They have used a mannequin, for ‘ethical’ reasons, in a 6 minute test to see if heating occurred in the soapy liquid inside the unit to a level they deem ‘unsafe.’ Health Canada, who prefers to call microwaves ‘energy’, says this: “RF fields will penetrate into biological tissue to a depth that is dependent on the field strength, frequency and orientation of the incident RF field.” Yet, if heating doesn’t occur in their mannequin, they continue to say there are ‘no effects’, ignoring the indisputable effects
of this penetration of tissue. This is like saying cigarettes aren’t dangerous unless they burn you, and this is where their science and reality drift apart.

Wi-Fi transmitters broadcast 2.4 billion cycles of microwave frequency/second. The problem with this is that there are conductors (your children) that absorb these electrical signals, which are not compatible with the body’s natural frequencies. In between the router and computer/device is the child, who by nature is absorbing these unnatural signals which the body MUST obey. Microwaves are used because they penetrate; this is why if you use a cell phone in a building it will work. These signals penetrate concrete, or in this case… your child. This penetration is a problem, because it disrupts the electrical signals that run the entire body, and it will now vibrate the device (your child’s cells) billions of times per second, causing induction and eventual electrical failure. Electrical failure in humans = disease. It should be noted that the majority of children with healthy immune systems will initially show little or no effect from induction as their immune systems are repairing the damage, but over time this gives way as the body’s defenses are weakened and it can no longer repair the damage.

So, because your child’s tissues do not ‘heat’ after 6 min. of exposure, Health Canada is essentially saying “We deem this the safe level to continuously microwave children ” or, “Yes, this will cause induction in their bodies, but as long as they don’t heat up to X level they are ok.”  This is where common sense and science meet; the difference being that they have chosen “heat effect science”, whereas we have chosen “this is causing induction in humans” science.

The World Health Organization, in May 2011, classified radiation emitted from wireless devices as a possible human carcinogen, in the same category as lead and DDT. Health Canada claims to “support WHO recommendations and the findings of the IARC”, yet this classification has not affected Health Canada limits on exposure or School Board policy. They can’t get Wi-Fi into schools fast enough.

The placement of this technology in our schools without informed consent is alarming. Only parents have the legal right to choose what risks our children will sustain. School districts do not have the right to assume this level of risk for our children without a waiver or informed consent, or to subject our most vulnerable population to forced chronic exposure to a recognized class 2B carcinogen.  

The fact that Wi-Fi is in widespread use does NOT mean that it is safe. Wi-Fi is a relatively new, unregulated technology. We have learned from tobacco and asbestos that many of the worst effects of a product are not always immediately evident, but become known after long periods of exposure.

Can we really believe that exposing kids to microwave radiation all day in school is totally harmless?

Health Canada states that it has no long-term studies to provide evidence that microwave radiation exposure is safe for children because it is unethical to do such studies on children.  The WHO has stated that they will not comment on the health effects of wireless technology until 2015.

Have you given consent for your child to be exposed to this health risk and be part of this biological experiment?

We are hopeful you take the common sense approach that is backed by thousands of unbiased, non-industry funded research studies that date back to the 1930’s; when microwaves were called microwaves, not “Wi-Fi”, or “energy.” This research substantiates the fundamental fact that each child has his own unique electrical signals that are not to be messed with by electrical experiments like microwave irradiation for 1200 hours/year.

Please visit the following sites for further information, and please also contact the Kamloops Concerned Parents Committee at We are happy to answer your questions, send you further information/links, or address any concerns.

Thank you for helping to ensure that our kid’s schools are not only allergen, lead, and asbestos free, but radiation free as well. If we as parents don’t demand that our kids’ health comes first, then who will?

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