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BioInitiative Report: 3800 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies
Debunk the LIE of NO EVIDENCE

WiFi proponents often say that there is “no evidence” showing low-level non-ionizing RF/microwave radiation can harm the human body. This is a MYTH and a LIE

As stated in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Committee Report (2011):

Serious scientific and medical studies revealing biological effects of a pathological nature have existed since the 1930s concerning radio frequencies and microwaves from radar installations. Studies in the late 1970s also pointed out the harmful effects of protracted exposure to the low or very low frequency electromagnetic fields of electrical transmission lines or computer screens. The WHO’s IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified these fields as “possibly carcinogenic” for humans (Group 2B) in 2001...

Scientific studies concerning the negative effects of certain microwave frequencies on plants, insects and wildlife or farm animals are disturbing in more than one respect and the scientific studies disclosing potentially pathogenic biological effects on the human body are also important and not to be merely brushed aside. 

These studies are very numerous indeed: the 2007 “BioInitiative” report analysed over 2000 of them, and more were added by an important monograph published in 2010 by the Ramazzini Institute, the national institute for study and control of cancer and environmental diseases in Bologna, Italy.”

 The BioInitiative Report

In addition to the 2000 studies presented in 2007, the 2012 BioInitiative Report presents 1800 NEW studies reporting bioeffects and adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields (powerlines, electrical wiring, appliances and hand-held devices) – and wireless technologies (cell and cordless phones, cell towers, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors, surveillance systems, wireless utility meters ‘smart meters’.

*The BioInitiative 2012 Report has been prepared by 29 authors from 10 countries*,  ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs.  Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and five full members of BEMS. 


A new report by the BioInitiative Working Group 2012 says that evidence for risks to health has substantially increased since 2007 from electromagnetic fields and wireless technologies (radiofrequency radiation). The Report reviews over 1800 new scientific studies.Cell phone users, parents-to-be, young children and pregnant women are at particular risk.

There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones” says Lennart Hardell, MD at Orebro University, Sweden. “Epidemiological evidence shows that radiofrequency should be classified as a human carcinogen. The existing FCC/IEE and ICNIRP public safety limits and reference levels are not adequate to protect public health.”

A dozen new studies link cell phone radiation to sperm damage. Even a cell phone in the pocket or on a belt may harm sperm DNA, result in misshapen sperm, and impair fertility in men. Laptop computers with wireless internet connections can damage DNA in sperm.

Based on strong evidence for vulnerable biology in autism, EMF/RFR can plausibly increase autism risk and symptoms. “While we aggressively investigate the links between autism disorders and wireless technologies, we should minimize wireless and EMF exposures for people with autism disorders, children of all ages, people planning a baby, and during pregnancy,” says Martha Herbert, MD, PhD.

Wireless devices such as phones and laptops used by pregnant women may alter brain development of the fetus. This has been linked in both animal and human studies to hyperactivity, learning and behavior problems.

According to David O. Carpenter, MD, and co-editor of the 2012 Report:
There is now much more evidence of risks to health affecting billions of people world-wide. The status quo is not acceptable in light of the evidence for harm.”
This study covers EMF from powerlines, electrical wiring, appliances and hand-held devices; and from wireless technologies (cell and cordless phones, cell towers, ‘smart meters’, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors, and other electronic devices). Health topics include damage to DNA and genes, effects on memory, learning, behavior, attention, sleep disruption, cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. New safety standards are urgently needed for protection against EMF and wireless exposures that now appear everywhere in daily life.

The BioInitiative 2012 Report is available
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Studies on EHS and more


When the 1st (2007) BioInitiative Report was presented to the European Parliament, the EU Parliamentarians scrutinized the report. Then based on its findings, they voted near-unanimously to pass immediate resolutions (559-22 votes in 2009 and 522-16 votes in 2008) calling for stricter, more updated exposure standards and calling for adoption of the Precautionary Principle, especially for children, pregnant women and the youth.

“wireless technology (mobile phones, Wi-Fi / WiMAX, Bluetooth, DECT landline telephones) emits EMFs that may have adverse effects on human health... particularly to young people whose brains are still developing”.

"...the limits on exposure to electromagnetic fields which have been set for the general public are obsolete . They do not take account of developments in information and communication technologies or vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, newborn babies and children . "

The EU Parliament "calls on the Member States to follow the example of Sweden and to recognize persons that suffer from electrohypersensitivity as being disabled so as to grant them adequate protection as well as equal opportunities ."