Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Studies Published in January 2013
Show Biological Effects of Wifi & Cellphone Radiation

The followings are new studies published in the month of January 2013 which show biological effects of electromagnetic radiation at cellphone, WiFi, powerline intensities. 

ALL these biological effects are being denied by Health Canada's and US FCC's outdated "safety" standard because they claim that if the radiation doesn't heat up one's body, nothing else happens! They use a plastic head called S.A.M. (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin) filled with fluid to do their "heating" test. It is only tested for 6 minutes, not chronic exposure as in real life, and the test has no provision for any biological change except temperature change. 

The S.A.M. head is sized for a 220 lb and 6'2" American soldier. 

Sokolovic D, Djordjevic B, Kocic G, Babovic P, Ristic G, Stanojkovic Z, Sokolovic DM, Veljkovic A, Jankovic A, Radovanovic Z (2012), Bratisl Lek Listy 113 (5): 265 – 269
The authors conclude that microwave exposure could cause a body mass decrease and anxiety related behavior. ”

28.01.13: Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis in radio and TV broadcasting stations workers.
Bortkiewicz A, Gadzicka E, Szymczak W, Zmyslony M (2012), Int J Occup Med Environ Health: in press
The authors concluded that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields may affect the neurovegetative  regulation of the cardiovascular system. ”

28.01.13: The effects of a 1.8 GHz continuous electromagnetic fields on mucociliary transport of human nasal mucosa.
In SM, Kim HJ, Park RW, Kim W, Gimm YM, Park I, Hong S, Hong JJ, Oh JH, Kahng H, Park EY (2012), Laryngoscope: in press
The authors summarize that exposure to a 1.8 GHz electromagnetic field may inhibit the ciliary beat frequency via an "novel protein kinase C" dependent mechanism...”.

23.01.13: Case-control study of paternal occupation and childhood leukaemia in Great Britain, 1962-2006.
Keegan TJ, Bunch KJ, Vincent TJ, King JC, O'Neill KA, Kendall GM, Maccarthy A, Fear NT, Mfg M (2012), Br J Cancer 107 (9): 1652 – 1659
The authors concluded that the results show some support for a positive association between childhood leukemia risk and paternal occupation involving [electromagnetic] social contact. Additionally, the study provided additional evidence for higher occupational [electromagnetic] social class being a risk factor for childhood leukemia. ”

22.01.13: Oxidative stress induced by 1.8 GHz radio frequency electromagnetic radiation and effects of garlic extract in rats.
Avci B, Akar A, Bilgici B, Tuncel OK (2012), Int J Radiat Biol 88 (11): 799 - 805
The authors summarize that the exposure to a radiofrequency electromagnetic field at 1.8 GHz … led to protein oxidation in the brain tissue and an increase in serum nitric oxide level. “

17.01.13: Electromagnetic fields at 2.45 GHz trigger changes in heat shock proteins 90 and 70 without altering apoptotic activity in rat thyroid gland.
Misa Agustino MJ, Leiro JM, Jorge Mora MT, Rodriguez-Gonzalez JA, Jorge Barreiro FJ, Ares-Pena FJ, Lopez-Martin E (2012), Biol Open 1 (9): 831 – 838
The results suggest that exposure to a 2.45 GHz electromagnetic field may alter levels of cellular stress in rat thyroid gland.

15.01.13: Melatonin modulates wireless (2.45 GHz)-induced oxidative injury through TRPM2 and voltage gated Ca(2+) channels in brain and dorsal root ganglion in rat.
Naziroglu M, Celik O, Ozgul C, Cig B, Dogan S, Bal R, Gumral N, Rodriguez AB, Pariente JA (2012), Physiol Behav 105 (3): 683 - 692
The authors conclude that exposure to a wireless device of 2.45 GHz could induce oxidative stress in the dorsal root ganglion [a nodule on the dorsal root of the spine that contains nerve cells] ... ”.

07.01.13: Neurodevelopmental anomalies of the hippocampus in rats exposed to weak intensity complex magnetic fields throughout gestation.
Fournier NM, Mach QH, Whissell PD, Persinger MA (2012), Int J Dev Neurosci 30 (6): 427 – 433
These findings suggest that prenatal exposure to complex magnetic fields of a narrow intensity window during development could result in subtle but permanent alterations in hippocampal structure and function. ”

Reported Biological Effects from Radiofrequency Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure  (Cell Tower, Wi-Fi, Wireless Laptop and 'Smart' Meter RF Intensities) * Click on the image or the link to access all pages.